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Multispeed electric motors

Multispeed electric motors

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Multispeed electric motors

are intended for work in the S1 mode from the alternating current main 50 of Hz, of 380V (220, 660V). Standard degree of protection of the engine - IP54, degree of protection of current lead - IP55, class of isolation of F, execution on explosion protection 1ExdIIBT4, standard climatic modification and category of placement - U2 (UHL2, T2), special executions - himostoyky (X2), with the built-in temperature protection (B), the enhanced accuracy (P). Engines are intended for the drive of mechanisms with step regulation of rotating speed, let out on two, three and four rotating speeds. The electric motor on two rotating speeds has one winding allowing its switching on two numbers of poles, multiple two, or two separate windings. The electric motor on three rotating speeds has one winding allowing switching on two numbers of poles, multiple to two, and the second - on one number of poles. At four rotating speeds use two windings, everyone with switching of number of poles concerning 1: 2. Windings are two-layer. The winding on rotating speeds has the scheme of connection triangle at double number of poles and "double star" - at unary number of poles. The winding on one rotating speed is connected in star. Capacities of multispeed electric motors are established from conditions of either admissible exceeding of temperature of winding of the stator, or optimum starting characteristics. Rated power upon transition from smaller rotating speed to bigger increases, the rated moment of rotation on shaft decreases. 2-speed electric motors on 6/4 poles have two executions: with even moment of rotation and with constant power. Technical datas of multispeed asynchronous electric motors
Modification Note
5A160M4/2 14/17
AIR250M12/8/6/4 12/21/24/30
AIR250S12/8/6/4 9/17/18,5/26,5
AIR250M8/6/4 24/30/38
AIR250S8/6/4 22/22/23
AIR250M12/6 18,5/36
AIR250S12/6 16/30
AIR250M8/6 45/55
AIR250S8/6 30/37
AIR250M8/4 37/55
AIR250S8/4 33/47
AIR250S4/2 55/60
5A225M12/8/6/4 7,5/14/14/20
5A225M12/6 14/25
5A225M8/6 22/30
5A225M8/4 23/34
5A225M4/2 42/48
5A200L12/8/6/4 6/10/11/15
5A200M12/8/6/4 5/8/8,5/12
5A200L8/6/4 14/15/21
5A200M8/6/4 11/12/18,5
AIR250M4/2 63/80
5A200M8/6 15/11,5
5A160M8/4/2 5/7,5/10
5A160S8/4/2 4/5/6,5
5A160S6/4 7,5/8,5
5A200L8/4 17/24
5A200M8/4 15/22
5A200L6/4 24/27
5A200M6/4 20/22
5A200L4/2 30/38
5A200M4/2 27/35
5A160M12/8/6/4 1,8/4/4,25/6,7
5A225M8/6/4 17/18,5/25
5A200L8/6 18,5/23
5A160S8/6/4 4/4,5/7,5
5A200M12/6 sen.14
5A160M6/4/2 6,7/7,5/10,5
5A160S6/4/2 5/5,5/7,5
5A160M12/6 4,5/10
5A160S12/6 3,5/7,1
5A160M8/6 noya.13
5A160S8/6 7,5/8,5
5A160M8/4 sen.13
5A160S8/4 06.sen
AGD(AIR)100L8/6 1,0/1,3×750/1000
5A160M8/6/4 5/6,3/10
AIR80A4/2 1/1,2×1500/3000
AIR180M12/8/6/4 3/5,5/6/8
AIR180M8/6/4 8/11/12,5
AIR180M12/6 7,5/13
AIR180M8/6 13/15
AIR180M8/4 13/18,5
AIR180M6/4 15/17
AIR180M4/2 22/27
AIR180S4/2 17/20
AIR132M8/6/4 2,8/3/5
5A200L12/6 okt.17
AIR132S8/6/4 1,9/2,4/3,4
AIRM112M6/4 3,2/4,5×970/1425
AIR132S8/4/2 1,8/3,4/4
AIR132M6/4/2 3,8/5,3/6,3
AIR132S6/4/2 2,5/4/4,5
AIR132M8/6 4,5/5,5
AIR132S8/6 3,2/4
AIR132M8/4 5/7,5
AIR132S8/4 36,/5,3
AIR132M6/4 6,7/7,5
AIR132S6/4 5/5,5
AIR132S4/2 6/7,1
5A160M6/4 noya.13
AIRM112MV8/6/4 1,2/1,4/2,2×710/950/1395
AIRM112MV8/6 2,2/2,8×715×960
AIRM112MV8/4 2,2/3,6×710/1425
AIRM112MA8/6 1,7/2,2×715/960
AIRM112MA8/6/4 1/1,1/1,6×700/950/1400
AIRM112MA8/4 1,9/3,0/710/1420
AIRM112M8/4/2 1,1/2,5/3,2×700/1430/2880
AIRM112M6/4/2 1,6/2,6/3,2×945/1425/2850
5A160S4/2 noya.14
AIRM112M4/2 4,2/5,3×1440/2870
AIR132M8/4/2 2,4/4,5/5,6
AGD(AIR)100L8/4 1,4/2,4×750/1500
AGD(AIR)100L6/4 2,5/2,8×1000/1500
AGD(AIR)100L4/2 3,2/4,2×1500/3000
AGD(AIR)100S8/6 0,7/0,9×750/1000
AGD(AIR)100S8/4 1,0/1,7×750/1500
AGD(AIR)100S6/4 1,8/2,1×1000/1500
AGD(AIR)100S4/2 2,65/3,4×1500/3000
AIR80V4/2 1,2/1,6×1500/3000
AIR132M4/2 8,5/9,5
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Multispeed electric motors
Multispeed electric motors
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