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Evaporativos coolers

These teams are based on the fact that water to evaporate, receives energy which needs heat of air, cooling it and humectándolo. It increases considerably comfort conditions.
With the conditioned air of the Evaporativos INDUCLIMA S.A team possess fans, centrifugal or axial which guarantee a condition of necessary air to try to obtain good thermal distinction in the atmospheres and bigger achievement of the area of influence.
They can base outside the city (in roofs, at the level of the apartment, on consoles in external walls), sending a stream of fresh air to the internal room of the room, by means of mouths of an injection or pipelines. They have an end with the anticorrosive address and painting of horneable that does them steady under the open sky.
But also, because of its changeability and the finished end, they can base in rooms in climatizar in which it is very effective cocktails with suitable extraction of air and, only with doors and open windows which would allow air replacement that does them very suitable to be established in commercial rooms which would have to stay opened by the nature of its use.
They have a simple contents which comes down to annual purity of a tray of water and updating of the filtrantes panels which the price is very limited. Also its low operational price because it comes down to electricity consumption of the engine of the fan and a bomb of rising of water, 0,1 HP.
Its characteristics and changeability can come down to the following characteristics:
=> instalables is easy.
=> they manage, in a small amount of minutes reduction of temperature of the atmosphere to 12 ºC.
=> they ask minimum content
=> they have very low electricity consumption
=> they are put in a diet instantly.
=> they reduce much the pollution connected with the environment with the conditioned atmosphere air (dust arrogance, gases and insects).
=> communication the price and the operational prices at the level of proportional comfort optimum.
=> its drawing does it suitable, for external installation, and in canopies, discos, gyms, restaurants, shopping centers, the industry, etc. as When Can support its open doors.

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