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Anti-cellulite Linen

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  production of Lytess

Production of Lytess - a know - how, in the market of means for weight loss, improvement of a figure, disposal of cellulitis problems.
• Uniqueness of production of Lytess - cosmetic textiles, consists in an innovative formula thanks to which, each thing comprises millions of microcapsules with active components which in process socks adjoining to skin, give not only external, but also internal effect, influencing problem sites, directly under skin.
• All results specified on packings are reported according to clinical researches and tests which are conducted together with volunteers, groups of scientists.

The main components destroying fat:
• Caffeine - destroys hypodermic fatty cellulose
• Green tea - burns fat, at the same time moistening skin
• Rodisterol - burns excess fat
• Flavanger - antioxidant
• Kopaysky balm - accelerates processes in the depth of fabric
• The main components which are moistening and tightening skin:
• Oil shi
• Almonds
• Mango oil
• Rose attar
• Pitch Ales
• Main composition of fabric:
• Polyamide - 90%
• An elastane - 10%
• Recommendations about use and use of production:
• For achievement of desirable results - it is necessary to carry production at least within 1 month, 8 hours a day, 5 - 6 days a week.
• Results after use of production - are individual - from - 2 to
- 6 cm, at observance of all rules of use.
• As, production contains one million invisible microcapsules, washing in the washing machine is not allowed!
• To erase in manual, in warm soap water, without squeezing out!
• The guaranteed rest to 30% of active components during 20 washings!

• Production of Lytess in process socks gives double effect, on weight loss and moistening of skin at the same time what to do it very attractive to use as means 2 in 1.
• It is not necessary to buy expensive cream and to spend the time, to put and wait when they dry to lose weight, improve a condition of skin, to remove cellulitis.
• Motto of the company - Just dress and Grow thin!

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Anti-cellulite Linen
Anti-cellulite Linen
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