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Amino Xtreme amino acids (tablet)

Amino Xtreme amino acids (tablet)

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  • BrandBePerfect Nutrition
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan
  • Amino Xtreme325 таблеток

Amino Xtreme - the nutritional supplement representing a complex from 18 replaceable and irreplaceable amino acids. Of which their reception is especially necessary in the presence of intensive physical activity. From amino acids all proteins of an organism, including muscle bulk are synthesized. Besides, they are directly involved in control over production of subcutaneous fat, in synthesis of various hormones, antibodies and enzymes, promote bystry restoration of muscles and development of energy. Amino acids are extremely important both at a set of weight, and at weight reduction.


Amino acids are vital to our body always, and at sports activities - especially. Even the training of average intensity leads 80% of all free amino acids to an expense that emphasizes importance of amino-acid additives for bystry restoration, further muscle growth and control over the general speed of metabolism.

Amino-acid complexes differ from a protein in higher speed of assimilation that will be useful in time and right after the training, and also in the morning. At weight reduction advantage of amino acids is low caloric content.

Reception of amino acids can be combined with other types of sports food, taking into account reduction of a dosage. That the speed of assimilation of an amino-acid complex was not reduced, apply them at different times with other sports food.

Concentrate of a serumal protein, isolate of a serumal protein, maltodextrin, BCAA 2:1:1 (leucine, valin, isoleucine) magnesium stearate, fragrance natural or identical natural, sweetener, food dye

For one portion (3 tablets):

Protein 2 gr
Calories 9,4 kcal
Carbohydrates 1,36 gr
Fats 0
Sodium 5 mg
BCAA 2:1:1 622 mg

Typical amino-acid structure for the portion:

alanine 92 mg
arginine 72 mg
Asparagin acid 200 mg
Cysteine 36 mg
Glutamic acid 310 mg
Glycine 40 mg
Histidine 38 mg
Isoleucine 155 mg
Leucine 335,9 mg
Lysine 188 mg
Methionine 44 mg
Phenylalanine 70 mg
Proline 102 mg
serine 110 mg
threonine 104 mg
Tryptophane 58 mg
tyrosine 76 mg
valine 147 mg
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Amino Xtreme amino acids (tablet)
Amino Xtreme amino acids (tablet)
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