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Aluminum nitride powder

Aluminum nitride powder

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The micropowders of nitrides of aluminum, pine forest and aluminum oxynitride made by our enterprise on the most modern equipment and to rigid control methods thanks to high quality found broad application in such industries as electronics, nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy, aircraft, production of elements of special equipment. The ceramic materials received from powders of nitrides of aluminum of pine forest and an oksinirid of aluminum possess unique properties – the high - temperature durability, hardness, corrosion resistance in solutions of acids and alkalis, to fusions of metals and salts, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high heat conductivity and high specific resistance to electric current.

Our enterprise makes ceramic powders by SVS method which is economically more favorable due to high efficiency, flexibility of production and simplicity of a production cycle. The modern equipment applied in shop of technical ceramics allows to receive micropowders of nitrides of aluminum, pine forest and oxynitride of aluminum with the set physical and chemical characteristics and exact classification of a product.

Now nitride of aluminum is perspective material that is caused by a unique combination of its physical and electric characteristics: high heat conductivity, good electroinsulating characteristics, moderate coefficient of thermal expansion at rather low cost. Recently foreign firms pass the letting - out electronic components to aluminum nitride use practically in all areas. Most intensively nitride of aluminum is used for production of cases and substrates of integrated chips, powerful transistors, absorbers, heat - conducting pastes and compounds.

Aluminum nitride hexagonal ALNF - 40 brands

(Nitride of aluminum of the ALNF - 40 brand)

Aluminum nitride of the ALNF - 40 brand represents white crystal powder.

Chemical formula: ALN. Temperature of melting 22350C. Density is 3,26 kg/dm3

Technical requirements THAT RB 100572280.005 - 2009

Name of an indicator



Mass fraction aluminum of nitride, % , not less

Mass fraction aluminum oxide, % , no more

Mass fraction aluminum fluoric, % , no more

Mass fraction of iron, % , no more

Fractional structure – a mass fraction:

fractions of 5 - 25 microns, % , not less

fractions of 25 - 40 microns, % , no more

fractions of - 5 microns, % , no more

Specific surface, sq. m/g, no more

Powder of white or gray color.








(is defined upon the demand of the customer)

Safety requirements

Alyuniny nitride of the ALNF - 40 brand according to GOST 12.1.007 belongs to the 4th class - a class of substances low - dangerous. Maximum concentration limit in air of a working zone of 6 mg/m3.

Aluminum nitride of the ALNF - 40 brand pozharo - is explosion - proof.

Packing, transportation, storage

Aluminum nitride of the ALNF - 40 brand is packed into plastic bags or plastic bags different capacity.

Aluminum nitride of the ALNF - 40 brand is transported small sendings in the covered vehicles all means of transport according to rules of transportation of goods.

Aluminum nitride of the ALNF - 40 brand is stored in the dry covered warehouse.

Warranty period of storage from the date of production of 6 months.

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Aluminum nitride powder
Aluminum nitride powder
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