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Aluminum boat.

Aluminum boat.

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Short description
The boat is intended for rest, boating, amateur fishing and office traveling on the rivers and lakes, in a coastal strip of the seas, large lakes and reservoirs.
Passenger capacity is four persons.
The boat can use in day and night time.
Installation on tranets of the boat of the suspended motor with power no more than 40 hp is allowed.

Main specifications

Case length — 4,30m
Case width — 1,74m
Kilevatost on tranets — 8,5 degrees.
Height of tranets — 508/380 mm.
Cockpit depth — 64c.
The max. recommended engine capacity - 40 h.p.
Weight with the equipment and equipment, without motor — 200 kg (the case 150 of kg, a payola, etc. equipment of 15 kg)
Loading capacity full — 475 kg
Freeboard height at full loading — 74 cm
Max. capacity — 4 persons.

The recommended loading — no more than 400 kg

The all-welded case consists of four parts from AMG alloy. Bottom thickness — 3 mm, boards — 2,0 mm. The bottom and boards are strengthened on all length by system of frames. Tranets intended for installation of the suspended motor is made of the same alloy without application of internal wooden details. Painting planshirya, nasal deck, retsess and boards. Additional runduk with the hatch in forward part, full sewing of a board.

Mooring and towing devices:
For towage on a stem the towing bracket is established.

Deck and cockpit:
The cockpit (a compartment for the helmsman and passengers) is in the central part of the boat. In nasal part of the boat there is a deck which has runduk for storage of equipment.
The part of the deck in nasal part of the boat, is formed by banks (cross benches) of a box-shaped design filled with polyfoam and forming floodability blocks. In nasal part of the boat there is a compartment filled with foam representing part of system of floodability.

Control panel and console:
The condensed console from fiber glass with a panoramic windshield from armored glass. On the command key console a bilge pomp and navigation fires. Steering column.

Stern and tranets:
Tranets is intended for installation of the suspended motor. In the lower part of a stern under tranets there are two openings for discharge of water from the boat supplied with the screwing-up traffic jams. On both parties of a stern nests for transportation of fishing fishing-rods are established. On the right side is runduk under the accumulator, and with left, runduk for equipment.

Electric system:
The self-soaking-up bilge pomp
Navigation fires

In addition delivered equipment and accessories:
Cover for protection of the boat against dust and an atmospheric precipitation at storage.
Awning for protection against a rain and the sun on water.
The automobile trailer (trailer) CBT-47 for transportation and storage of the boat.

Sonic depth finder.
Rechargeable battery.
Suspended motor.

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Aluminum boat.
Aluminum boat.
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