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Buy Aloe Vera Drinking gel with a peach - treatment of diabetes, 1 liter
Aloe Vera Drinking gel with a peach - treatment of diabetes, 1 liter

Aloe Vera Drinking gel with a peach - treatment of diabetes, 1 liter

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Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Gel (USA/Mexico, 98,2%); sweeteners (tsiklamat sodium, to atsesulfa, sodium saccharin); inulin (prebiotic) stabilizer (ksantanovy gum); antioxidants (ascorbic acid); artificial fragrance; lemon acid (acidity regulator); potassium sorbate (preservative).

 Method of application:

in an individual order. Consult with our expert. One bottle will last for 2 weeks of reception for one adult. The course requires from 4 to 6 bottles of gels of the Aloe Vera - depending on a task: prevention, treatment, recovery of health.



Drinking gel of the Aloe Vera – an elixir for intestines and a stomach!



Aloe Vera Drinking gel the Peach - one of demanded gels of the Aloe Vera!

Without sugar addition * it can also be used in dietary food. It is shown at diabetes. Only 0,054 XE in a daily dose. Prebiotic inulin is added to structure. This substance, useful and irreplaceable for a human body, helps to normalize digestion, restoring intestinal microflora thanks to what immunity becomes stronger. With pleasant taste of a peach. It is pleasant to adults and children!


98,2% of pure sheet gel of the Aloe Vera. Covering of 100% of need for vitamin C **. It is certified by SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH and IASC institute. Pure gel without aloin ***.

* An aloe Vera contains natural sugar. ** 100% of the recommended daily dose according to RDA. *** 0,1 mg/kg according to the German norm.


Daily reception of Gel of the Aloe Vera Persik from LR:

- we feed our organism at the cellular level;

- Aloe gel Vera clears our organism, our cages, blood, a lymph, thanks to the saponina which are a part of Aloe Vera.



Drinking gel the Peach with inulin: as dietary supplement to food.


Is a source of a glyukomanan and an additional source of vitamin C (a covering of 100% of need for vitamin C - 80 mg., according to RDA).


Is not medicine.


Release form: bottle of 1000 ml.


Expiration date: 1 year. 


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Use of drinking gel of the Aloe Vera Persik:

strengthening of heart; immunity improvement; psoriasis; tumors; malignant tumors; tuberculosis; diabetes; strengthening of nervous system; healing of wounds; prostatitis; stomach ulcer; gastritis; inflammation of kidneys; fungal diseases; dysentery; cysts; liver diseases; X-rays; cold, SARS; eczemas; duodenum ulcer; cystitis; herpes; arthritises, arthroses; hemorrhoids; asthma; acne, spots, acne rash; bronchitis; allergy; the raised cholesterol; atherosclerosis; blood clarification; phlebitis; radioactive infections.



disinfects; neutralizes and removes toxins from the first days of application; improves exchange processes in all bodies; strengthens immune system; makes active an organism on self-healing; works antibakterialno and antivirusno; connects and neutralizes heavy metals and harmful substances; restores a metabolism in all bodies and fabrics; increases intellectual and physical working capacity; purifies blood and has soothing effect; works positively at radiation; facilitates or prevents side effects at therapy of cancer; improves blood indicators.



Additional information

Aloe Vera or desert lily or Barabadensis Miller is the plant well-known throughout the millennia for the numerous components. Aloes – biologically active plant, from more than 250 grades of Aloe, only the Aloe Barbadensis Miller, it still call the Aloe Vera Istinnoye (Aloe Vera), interferes with growth of cancer cells. The substance Atsemannan promoting regeneration of cells of an organism is its part.


Gel from its leaves is processed by the LR company into high-quality Drinking Gel of the Aloe Vera (lr aloe vera). Aloe Vera gel contains a set of useful and effective substances: enzymes, amino acids, mineral substances and vitamins, including vitamin B 12 which usually our organism receives from animal products. Thus, it is ideal dietary food and for vegetarians.


As all these substances are necessary for the person for health, use of drinking gel of the Aloe Vera helps to struggle with diseases and indispositions. Now it is established that, getting to an organism of Aloe works at cellular level - has unique ability to pass in cages, delivering a set of the cells of substances, most necessary for activity, including drugs, strengthening their action.


It also promotes restoration and strengthening of immunity. Drinking gel of the Aloe Vera (lr aloe vera) calms and normalizes work of intestines, stimulates growth of useful bacteria and struggles with dehydration of all system, accelerates a metabolism in an organism. Recently made experiments proved that the regular use of drinking gel of the Aloe Vera helps to get rid of various indispositions.


Here some of them: syndrome of the angry intestines (intestines dyskinesia), diabetes, heartburn, colitis or stomach ulcer. In extreme cases drinking gel of the Aloe Vera helps to fight against cancerogenic cages, stimulating an organism to fight against them. Thus, accepting daily a glass of Aloe Vera Gel, we feed and we clear our organism, without putting it a stress with various diets and other methods of cleaning.


Aloe gel Vera stabilizes work of all systems of an organism. Drinking Gel Scarlet Vera Persik from LR – quality of LR which convinces! For satisfaction of the highest requirements to quality of a product the LR company uses only the best raw materials (aloe vera). In the course of cultivation of this plant the company completely refuses use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. All further stages of processing aloe of gel: constant control of SGS ISTITUTA FREZENIUS and the International scientific committee of IASC - provide the highest quality of a product (lr aloe vera).


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Aloe Vera Drinking gel with a peach - treatment of diabetes, 1 liter
Aloe Vera Drinking gel with a peach - treatment of diabetes, 1 liter
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