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All-season agent reagent for cleaning the street country toilet. Septic tanks 75 gr – Ferma, OOO |
Buy All-season agent reagent for cleaning the street country toilet. Septic tanks 75 gr
All-season agent reagent for cleaning the street country toilet. Septic tanks 75 gr

All-season agent reagent for cleaning the street country toilet. Septic tanks 75 gr

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Means for country toilets "Summer and Winter": high - quality and safe products

Utilizer "Summer and Winter" is designed for all - season cleaning of outdoor country, courtyard and garden toilets.

The composition of the universal product includes non - ionic components that leave a special protective film in the pit.

The drug not only perfectly removes the formation of an unpleasant odor and neutralizes it for a long time.

Its main task is to quickly process the fecal matter accumulated in the toilet into odorless water.

And already through the clean bottom of the cesspool, the water will go into the ground without obstacles.

You can buy a country septic tank for year - round use on our website.

In the online online store House and Garden, this unique modern cleaner can be purchased at an affordable cost.

Pit cleaner "Summer and winter" product advantages

The main features and advantages of this tool include the following:

1. Elimination of unpleasant odor in 15 minutes;

2. Formation of a dense protective film on the surface, which prevents the further spread of a specific odor.

3. After processing, the odorless water that appears can be used to create compost and fertilize plants.

4. If necessary, the composition can be used not only for cleaning the village toilet.

It is excellent for the treatment of sewer pipes.

5. Safe composition that does not harm human health, cesspool and the environment.

6. Economical consumption of products.

7. Low price for a utilizer for self - cleaning of the cesspool of the winter and summer country street toilet.

8. Ability to use the product in outdoor latrines during the cold season.

Unlike most other summer cleaners, this activator is specifically designed for use in fall, winter and spring.

Therefore, this all - season dry chemical powder has no analogues in Russia and abroad.

Features of the use of funds "Summer and winter"

It is recommended to use an antiseptic according to the instructions for maximum effectiveness.

Dissolve 1 package of the composition in 10 liters of warm water.

Stir thoroughly and pour the resulting liquid in a courtyard toilet directly on waste or ice.

The chemical composition will begin to corrode the formed ice with feces and convert it into water.

And even in severe frost up to - 55C, the activator will process all biomass into water in a village toilet in 1 - 1.5 months

And then the water will go into the ground.

As a result, in a month and a half you will get an absolutely clean cesspool without sewage, smell, crushing ice and pumping out!

In summer, the product can be used in any heat up to + 55C.

For prevention and odor removal, it is necessary to use 1 bag per cube of the processed drive.

When there is a dry layer in the toilet, the pit has never been cleaned or pumped out by a machine, use 2 bags of the product per 1 cube.

Composition and advantages of the summer and winter septic tank

This product contains special surfactants, functional cleaning agents and preservatives.

It is these components in the optimal combination that form a protective film that blocks the spread of unpleasant odors.

The advantages of this purifier include the following:

1. Optimal and safe composition, which is suitable for any country toilet, regardless of its design and size of the container.

2. Affordable cost of the utilizer.

3. No need to manually clean the village toilet in autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Now the all - season super cleaner will perform the whole unpleasant procedure for cleaning the garden, country and yard toilet for you.

4. Low consumption of the drug.

5. A unique opportunity to apply the Winter and Summer remedy even in winter, at any negative outdoor temperatures.

6. Ease of use.

The antiseptic comes with detailed instructions; you only need warm water to dilute it.

For example, you can even use rainwater or tap water and its purity does not matter.

7. Long shelf life.

8. The ability to use processed products as one of the fertilizers for agricultural and horticultural crops.

With the help of a reagent, you can easily get rid of the troubles that arise after using the village toilet for a long time.

Chemical powder in Summer and Winter is one of the best domestic remedies for cleaning a cesspool in summer and winter.

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All-season agent reagent for cleaning the street country toilet. Septic tanks 75 gr
All-season agent reagent for cleaning the street country toilet. Septic tanks 75 gr
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