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  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan
  • вермикулит

Agrovermiculite is a unique environmentally friendly mineral from group of hydromicas, the good assistant to the gardener-gardener and the fan of houseplants creating a favorable microclimate for development of root system and a plant in general.
Specific weight of agrovermiculite - 80-130 kg/cubic meter (depending on the size of granules). Agrovermiculite - inert, chemically and biologically resistant, sterile mineral which is not containing heavy metals, rn - neutral, is not subject to decomposition and rotting under the influence of microorganisms, not toxic, is not the favorable environment for insects and rodents.
Agrovermiculite, thanks to the porous structure, allows to regulate optimum air moisture conditions, provides to soil necessary aeration properties and a drainage at which soil does not slezhivatsya, remains friable, interferes with formation of a crust on its surface.
Capacity of water absorption of 100 g of agrovermiculite makes 400-500g (ml) of water. Thanks to the porous structure, agrovermiculite granules instantly incorporate moisture and fertilizers dissolved in water, hold, and subsequently give them gradually.
Agrovermiculite possesses high heat-insulating properties which provide the optimum temperature condition providing protection of plants against an excessive overheat and overcooling in soil smooth daily fluctuations of temperature.
Agrovermiculite is used in pure form or as a part of light mixes (for example, with peat a ratio 1:1) for a prorashchivaniye of seeds, cultivation of seedling and rooting of shanks, the root system of seedling or a shank is under such circumstances formed more developed. The seedling on agrovermiculite is protected from fungal diseases, root gnily. Before application agrovermiculite needs to be moistened.
At disembarkation of seeds to the soil it is recommended to powder seeds with a thin layer of the moistened agrovermiculite, and then the soil for acceleration of process of a prorashchivaniye of seeds.
Use of agrovermiculite in room floriculture is recommended. Vermiculite small (to 1 mm) fractions is used in pure form or as a part of light mixes (for example, with peat or sand in a volume ratio 1:1) for a prorashchivaniye of seeds and rooting of shanks. Before application vermiculite needs to be moistened.
The seedling on vermiculite is protected from fungal diseases (a root gnily, black leg.

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