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  The apparatus AR85 APW Acoustic PULS WAVE has been designed with the aim to ensure maximum ease of use, equipped with a graphic display 5.7 "colors, enriched by the touch-screen technology, offers easy access to various set applications. The interface with icons and graphics animations guide the step-by-step operator greatly simplifying the programming procedure.

Treatment with AR85 APW Acoustic PULS WAVE is based on a highly innovative technology (Pulse Wave) which uses vibrating acoustic waves generated by an electromagnet and not with compressed air as the traditional equipment. The generated pressure pulses compress the treated tissue, breaking the structure of the fat molecules and reduce localized fat (counteracting effectively cellulite). They allow, in addition, to improve the biomechanical properties of the skin and have, as a natural consequence, an increase in skin elasticity.

The Acoustic wave is generated through the handpiece inside which is arranged a reed in which flows the "bullet" launched by an electromagnet which ends its run against the swing head thereby generating an acoustic wave (or audible) that propagates from the point contact with the skin until the deeper layers. The high-energy acoustic waves that are introduced into the body in the form of high-frequency oscillations, thus allowing an effective and long-lasting treatment against cellulite stage I (EFP), II and III and a perfect toning.

The innovative Pulse Wave technology used by the device AR85 APW Acoustic PULS WAVE generates unique and innovative pulse shock wave using a projectile 5 times heavier than standard compressed air systems and a reduced final speed of impact with the head swing.

Thanks to a greater pulse rise time is possible to generate the same energy avoiding unpleasant pressure peaks. The lowest peak pressure and the greater pulse rise time can help reduce the discomfort and pain normally associated with this type of treatment.

Normally, in the presence of cellulite, the Enlarged fat cells bulge upwards towards the skin surface, as a result, the skin takes on the typical appearance of "orange peel". The inelastic vertical connective tissue fibers do not stretch along with the fatty tissue that surrounds them, this gives the skin its characteristic appearance to "mattress".

AR85 APW Acoustic PULS WAVE, with its energetic patting massage ago propagate acoustic waves in the treated area releasing and give up their energy to the fat cells, the effect of this release of energy stimulates tissues and induces the production of elastin and collagen which It promotes the hardening of the tissue. In addition, with the consequent increase of blood and lymphatic system flow treatment allows to eliminate toxins, water retention and generates a process of lipolysis.

After the treatment, the skin and the connective tissue appear to be more tonic and compact and regain their natural elasticity, with a visible and lasting simultaneous improvement of the cutaneous relief.

Treatment with AR85 APW Acoustic PULS WAVE can be applied at any age, the applied power should be evaluated depending on the area to be treated and depending on the specific blemish that you want to counteract.

The customization of treatment is guaranteed by implemented into the 3 types of possible applications: TONIFICATION, WEIGHT LOSS, and REMODELING.

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