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Acid stearin, stearin, stearin acid

Acid stearin, stearin, stearin acid

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandБренд
  • Country of manufactureMalaysia

Quality certificate:

Soderzhane of fatty acid: C12 of max. 1, 0%
Soderzhane of fatty acid: C14 of max. 2, 0%
Soderzhane of fatty acid: C16 42 - 48%
Soderzhane of fatty acid: C18 50 - 56%
Soderzhane of fatty acid: S18: 1maks 1, 0%
Other fatty acids of max. 1, 0%


Scopes of stearin acid are very various and cover many industrial and household branches. It serves as the activator as a part of accelerators of vulkanizatsionny processes, a dispergator in fillers of rubber mixes, as a softener (softener). Direct introduction of stearin acid to structure rubber helps to improve distribution of components and degree of technological effectiveness of rubber mix. Tendency of the main component of stearin acid (stearin) to migration promotes that glutinosity of rubber mix decreases.

Found broad application in pharmaceutics, cosmetology where she acts as the component which is responsible for formation of structure and emulsifier for creams. Also stearin acid for chemical laboratory is irreplaceable, with its help define calcium, magnesium and lithium. For polishing pastes stearin acid is an invariable component. Salts of stearin acid are effectively used in road construction for production of bitumen, at production of some types of ores.

The stearin kislta in the cosmetic industry is widely used: stearate of sodium is one of the main components of soap, stearin acid is a part of many cosmetics. It is applied in production of candles and as a softener in production of rubber.

In addition, products of stearin acid are applied by production of detergents, greasings, stabilizers to food branch as the stabilizer of polyvinylchloride, a component of paints and varnishes, cements and fabrics, additives in flour. Still stearin acid is used by medicine.

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Acid stearin, stearin, stearin acid
Acid stearin, stearin, stearin acid
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