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Technical characteristics
  • Freezing point-95 °C

Rubber solvents

Acetone - colorless easily mobile volatile fluid with a characteristic smell. Completely mixes up with water and the majority of organic solvents. Acetone well dissolves many organic substances (cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose, wax, rubber, etc.), and also a number of salts (calcium chloride, potassium iodide).

In the industry it turns out directly or indirectly from methyl acetylene.

The main part acetone and is received as soprodukt when receiving phenol from benzene on a cumene way.

Acetone is one of the most reactive ketones.

Acetone is widely applied at synthesis of polycarbonates, polyurethane and epoxies.
Acetone eto solvent, for example:
in production of varnishes
in production of explosive substances
in production of medicines
as a part of glue for films as cellulose acetate solvent; [4]
component for cleaning of surfaces in different flow processes
As a cleaner of the tool and surfaces from polyurethane foam — in aerosol cans.
it is widely used for storage of acetylene which cannot be stored under pressure in pure form because of danger of explosion. For this purpose use the tanks with porous material impregnated with acetone. 1 liter of acetone dissolves up to 250 liters of acetylene.

Laboratory use of acetone
in organic chemistry as polar aprotonny solvent, in particular in alkylation reaction
ArOH + RHal + K2CO3 → ArOR + KHal + KHCO3
for oxidation of alcohols in the presence of aluminum alcoholates on Oppenauera
for preparation of the cooling baths in mix with "artificial ice" and liquid ammonia up to the temperature −78 °C.
for washing of a chemical utensils, thanks to the low price, small toxicity, a high volatility and easy solubility in water.
for flash drying of ware and inorganic substances.
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